Life Through a Paintbrush. LLC
La vie  à travers un pinceau

"Where language art meets visual art "

Learning French While Creating 

Welcome to"Life Through a Paintbrush" - an immersion experience where you learn French while using your creative mind!

Provide a safe, fun and respectful environment for kids, where we promote creativity while learning French and getting inspired by renowed artists.  We build self-esteem in speaking a foreign language and pushing our confidence boundary.  ​​

4 to 10 years old

Why mix language art with visual art? 

Visual Arts and Language Arts have been part of our environment for centuries and very much complement each other. Often, if we don’t understand a word, we will reference a picture to grasp the concept of the word. The visual form can assist in the comprehension of the written form as well as assisting in remembering it. By mixing visual art with foreign language, we bring some enjoyment and additional ways to remember new content as well as encouraging imagination and creativity. 

A famous painter / art will be studied for each class and students will create a drawing / art piece based on what we learned.